Hosted / Managed Services

Hosted Systems

Benefits of Hosted Systems

  • HOSTED SYSTEMS So what is a hosted system?

    It’s simple. This is where the servers, recorders, and history reside in a secure server environment, reachable from the cloud via you secure network.

    The Glaze Communications Services, Inc. (GCS) solution moves the servers from the business’s premises and hosts the equipment off-site, saving your business the considerable initial cost of the servers, software, maintenance, license fees, SSA fees, upgrades, IT concerns, and the physical space to place the servers. And because the solution is web-based, it requires no software and is nearly free of IT maintenance.

    The GCS solution also helps you leverage the power of online management to remotely view and control access to your business from anywhere. All you need is a computer, iPad, tablet, or smart phone and access to the internet.

    Let us host your system so that you can go about your day-to-day business activities without the worries.

    Hosted Access Control Systems
    Whether you need one card reader and one door secured or more, we can host the solution for you. You will have control of your system from anywhere and also have accountability reporting and the ability to receive essential notifications.

    Hosted Video Camera Systems
    You do not need that recorder, as we host the video camera storage for you in the cloud. We also have hybrid solutions that store locally and in the cloud if needed. You will have live and recorded video at your fingertips, along with the option to set up alerts to keep you informed.

    Hosted IP Phone Systems
    GCS offers a complete NEC cloud-based phone system with no need for an expensive PBX system, ranging from a single phone solution to hundreds! The plug-and-play phones are pre-configured to work seamlessly and can be plugged into any location that has an internet connection. We offer full featured systems to include chat, web/video conferencing, file share sync, share, and backup capabilities.

    Benefits of Managed Services

  • Professionally Administered
  • Customized Access Control
  • Improved Security
  • Security and Event Management
  • Reduced Concerns of IT & Maintenance Costs
  • Credential Card Printing Services
  • Health Monitoring
    The safety of your business, employees, and customers is important. Therefore, it's vital to monitor the systems designed to protect them.

    Health monitoring is a service we provide that helps to protect your investment. GCS can constantly monitor the health of your Managed Video, Access Control, and Phone Systems - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If a system has an error or goes off line, we are notified, you are notified, a solution is devised, and the problem is quickly solved.

    Card Printing Services
    Let us print your credential access cards. We have a full, custom card printing department along with accessories and parts.

    Service Agreements
    GCS offers service call out and service agreements. We can build a service agreement based on labor, materials, or both. We offer preventative maintenance as well as system testing. Keep your systems running at their best with great service from GCS.


    With a managed system, the security experts at GCS administer and manage the credentials and access for each of your employees. When you hire or replace an employee, we do all the work for you. You decide what areas of your building the employee should have access to and at what times, and GCS programs and manages the credentials for that employee. If the need should arise, we can quickly deactivate or adjust an employee’s credentials, denying access to your entire building or just certain areas. The beauty of the managed system is that you no longer have to worry about training staff on how to manage and administer your access control system. You have the luxury of focusing on your business, while the security concerns are left to the security professionals.

    If you prefer, we will train you or your staff to handle all or some of the management of the access control system. This means entry and deletion of credentials, schedules, and any other administration of the access control system can be performed by you or your staff.


    Building on decades of industry experience and strong commitment to service, we deliver the very best in customized security technology. Each of our highly trained team members – including professional technicians, engineers, and monitoring professionals – works to create a unique security solution for every customer.

    We design each system with scalable tier of security, tailored to the unique needs of that facility. After surveying your site and requirements, we build layered security tied to our round-the-clock central monitoring station and to your mobile app platform. From centrally managed access control to powerful video surveillance, GCS gives you the insight and protection you need with ongoing personalized service as your organizational needs change over time.

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