Security System Design & Installation Services

Glaze Communications Services, Inc. provides professional security system design, installation, and support which are key to maintaining secure operations and risk avoidance. We provide leverage functionality in one of many systems and incorporate desired features across multiple applications for a complete, high-tech solution.


The Security Services We Offer

Access Control and ID Badge Systems

The purpose of access control is to grant entrance (Access) to a physical space such as an office, building or room, only to those who are authorized to be there. Electronic access management is becoming increasingly popular phasing out the deadbolt and keys. Technology provides businesses and security personnel the ability to manage and monitor each individual and area being controlled. Computer-based electronic access control systems provide quick, convenient access to authorized persons while denying access to unauthorized ones. There are systems incorporating access control within and ID Badge, but there are other options such as smartphones and internet-of-things.

Glaze Communications installs Access Control and ID Badge Systems in businesses requiring managed and controlled access. These range from commercial applications of varying scale, public and private school systems, and DoD/Military bases. Each application is unique and professionally installed by Glaze.

Voice and Sound Masking

Sound masking is the addition of sound created by special digital generators and distributed by normally unseen speakers through an area to reduce distractions or provide confidentiality where needed. Sound masking makes a building seem quieter by raising the ambient noise level of an environment and making speech noise less intelligible and, therefore, less distracting. When you can’t understand what someone is saying, their words are less distracting — in fact, you probably don’t even notice them.

Law firms, engineering firms, healthcare facilities, DoD buildings and other commercial businesses have contracted Glaze Communications to effectively install sound masking systems. This type of application has increased productivity, improved the audio atmosphere in targeted spaces and maintained meeting privacy.

Video Management Systems A video management system, also known as video management software or a video management server.
• Collects video from cameras and other sources
• Records / stores that video to a storage device
• Provides an interface to both view the live video and access recorded video
• Can be integrated with other systems
• Can be local, hybrid and cloud-based
• Intelligent Analytics and AI features
• License Plate Recognition
• Facial Recognition

A VMS can be the software component of a network video recorder and digital video recorder, though in general a VMS tends to be more sophisticated and provide more options and capabilities than a packaged NVR device. Due to improvements in technology, it is necessary to make a distinction between a VMS and the built-in features of modern network based security cameras. Many modern network cameras offer internal capabilities to record and review video directly themselves via a web browser and without the use of a VMS. However a camera’s built-in web interface is typically exclusive to the camera itself and does not normally provide a shared access capability across other network cameras.

At Glaze Communications, we provide the customer with all the knowledge upfront and help them make a decision on a system that works for them. We offer the best-in-class products in the industry.

Intrusion Detection Systems

Intelligent intrusion detection is a delicate balance between responding to real security breaches while ignoring costly false alarm sources. Our advanced sensors provide best-in-class catch performance while virtually eliminating false triggers such as strong drafts and moving objects.

Alarm transmission equipment is used by the intrusion alarm system to communicate alarm events and system activity to an off-site location, such as an alarm monitoring central station. The purpose of the alarm transmissions equipment is to notify the police and building security when the intrusion alarm system has been activated.

Glaze Communications provides specifically engineered intrusion detection systems to ensure timely discovery and minimal response time. From small commercial facilities to military bases, we design, install, test and support solutions for a secure perimeter.

The Systems We Provide

  • Access Control Systems
  • Take Over Systems
  • Intercom Systems
  • Intrusion Systems
  • PKI Check Systems
  • Digital Camera Systems
  • Public Address Systems
  • Personal Alarm Systems
  • ID Badge Systems
  • Thermal Camera Systems
  • Sound Masking Systems
  • Panic Alarm Systems